Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have a kitchen! And floors!

I had this whole post written out about how much remodeling sucks, especially when your parents are involved and they cannot stop arguing with you about the finishes you pick, like it's a sickness and they are compelled to disagree with you no matter what. But I erased that part because A) I kept rewriting it and I kept feeling like I was being whiny and spoiled. I am whiny, and probably spoiled, but what kind of impression is that to give the internet? And B) I can't feel annoyed about all that anymore because I have a kitchen! More or less! There's still a lot of work to be done but there are cabinets and counters and a dishwasher and a garbage disposal! Those last two things, I've never had both at once as built-ins. One or the other, and we have a portable dishwasher in our storage unit, but not both. It's practically a mansion.

I haven't yet seen this in person, so B took the pictures for me after he got off work yesterday. I just scrolled through the pictures he took over and over. Obviously there's lots of work to do—that paneling isn't supposed to be wood-toned, and the cabinets are supposed to be painted and there's no flooring, but it's the most visible progress we've made yet.

Also, there are floors. FLOORS! When we first got this place the floors were so rotten that I actually went through the kitchen floor. The house tried to kill me—first with the falling through the floor and then with stepping on a rusty nail in the yard—but I am going to win. DO YOU HEAR THAT, HOUSE?

OK, now that I'm done jumping up and down, here are a few more details about the remodel. We are entering the fourth month of remodeling and, while there's a light at the end of the tunnel, it's frustrating to everyone that it's not coming sooner. We're looking at February for moving in, and I'm so glad. Not because it sucks living with my parents (it does, but that's beside the point), but because I was beginning to think this would never get done. It's pretty much been a typical old house (1975) remodel—for every one thing you fix at least one more thing pops up. I remember writing in my diary that we were going to be in there for Thanksgiving no matter what. Then Christmas. Then January 1. Oh, me. How silly was I.

I have deleted most of the crap about how suckish it is to work with my parents, but I have to leave this part in. My dad really likes the idea of carpet in a bathroom. You can tell he doesn't clean much, because anyone who cleans on a regular basis would never think carpet in a bathroom is a good idea. Anyway, we already bought vinyl tile for the bathroom. He would not accept that carpet was a bad thing. When EVERYONE (including my mom) told him that carpet in a bathroom was stupid he said, "Oh, just get cheap carpet and replace it every six months." Um, no. How about we just put in the tile that I already bought? Good? OK. I'd really like to see a point in my life, even if it's only for a little bit, where I don't have a project going on. (And in this case I'm specifically referring to the house—I will always have some unfinished sewing project. I've accepted this.)

I would like to make a note about the construction of this particular mobile home. I don't know if this is how it works for all of them, but it's how ours is. Apparently the order in which it was built was the base (foundation?), then the subfloor, then the carpet, then the walls, then the roof. This makes things like ripping out carpet and replacing subfloor huge pains because they are literally under the walls. Here's an old picture:

That line of missing floor over by the wall? That goes under the wall into the bathroom.

To replace that flooring, and the flooring against the walls in other rooms, you have to wedge a hammer or crowbar under the wall to lift it up enough to slide the piece of floor under the wall. Then you nail it in place and hope you didn't crush any fingers in the process.

This weekend will be painting—my mom says we can get completely done in two days; I say HA OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE NOT PAINTED PANELING RECENTLY.

Ahem. Sorry about that.

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