Thursday, January 29, 2009

Most likely to end up on a milk carton

For the curious, that's YaYa. He is way too outgoing for his own good. I don't know where I failed with him.

So perhaps you'd like a frame of reference for this story. Alright, fine, then. It started Monday. Mr. Man woke up with some weird gunk in his left eye, and even though it wasn't red I thought maybe it was pinkeye. (Is that one word or two? I'm never sure.) When I pulled his bottom eyelid down it did look a little red, but I couldn't tell if it was redder than the right side or not. Tuesday he seemed fine so I let it go, then he woke up from his nap Tuesday with more gunk. So I called the doctor Wednesday.

When I called, the receptionist told me she'd have a nurse call me back. OK, not how I usually make appointments, but whatever. Since we are a one-car family and the nurse hadn't called back by 10, we all went with B to work at 10:30 and then the kids and I drove back. We got home just as they called and got an appointment at 12:10. We made a quick side trip to McDonald's for chicken nuggets and ate them in the parking lot. Then we went inside to wait. And wait. And wait. Normally we don't wait long at all, but we also normally get the first appointment of the day. Plus there were a lot of people there, so it was to be expected. It wouldn't have been so bad but I held Mr. Man the entire time. I was still thinking he had pinkeye so I didn't really want him infecting other kids. From the number of children wandering around with snot running down their faces apparently it wasn't something I needed to worry about, because no one else seemed concerned about their kids infecting other kids. Quid pro quo, I suppose.

YaYa was being a bad influence on this other little boy in the waiting room. Maybe I'm a bad mother, but I thought it perfectly fine for my kid to not sit in a chair and stare at the TV the whole time. I even thought it was OK for him to do a few flips on the floor once the place cleared out. The other kid's dad, though, was about having a heart attack this his son wasn't sitting quietly. He did actually get him to sit down once. Then YaYa went over and said, “C'mere, I have to show you something.” I did feel bad about that. Kind of.

He also went over to a little girl, maybe two years old, and asked for a high five. She looked scared. I was trying to steer him away from her and said, “Oh, I don't think she knows how. Why don't you come over here?” Her brother said, “Oh, she knows.” Then YaYa asked him for a high five. The little boy gave it to him. Then YaYa said, “Now give me a hug!” Then the little boy looked scared. I did manage to talk him out of that one.

Anyway, we get in after Mr. Man had a meltdown or three and he has an ear infection. His first one! It's a milestone. I made a stupid decision and went to Wal-Mart for the prescription. I thought I would be able to pick up some groceries at the same time and be out in half an hour or so. It took an hour and a half despite the whole “twenty minutes until it's ready” promise. YaYa was talking to everyone. He asked the pharmacy lady her name and told her he didn't know his own name. He asked her what she was doing. He told her about his brother being sick. He asked at least half a dozen random people how they were doing today. When we finally got the prescription he showed another pharmacy lady the iCarly DVD he got. (He talked about it with the electronics girl that checked him out, too. Consensus? They both love iCarly. I do, too, but I have to try not to think too hard about the logistics of it.) Most people smiled and said hi, but some people gave him dirty looks and stomped off. Seriously, you're mad at a four year old for saying hi to you. Loosen up.

I don't really think he's going to end up on a milk carton. Maybe if I left B in charge more often—he's too laid back for his own good, I say—but I'm too neurotic to let either of the boys out of my sight for even a moment. I constantly worry about getting kidnapped, hurt, mauled by bears, what have you.

I asked YaYa today that if a stranger came up to him and asked him to get into his car should he do it. He said yes. And then when I told him that was not what he should do, he argued with me. I have a lot of work to do.

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