Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random things I must tell you, internet

I recently watched the worst episode of The X-Files that I have ever seen, “Space.” It must have been back when the pictures of that pyramid thing on Mars that looked like a carved face first came out, because that's a major theme. Turns out the Pyramid Man is a GHOST, or maybe a GHOST ALIEN, and he possessed an astronaut who now works at Mission Control in Houston and Pyramid Man is trying to sabotage the space shuttle! Oh no! I have to wonder if a space shuttle in orbit could really land in time to save the crew when they only have thirty minutes of oxygen left. Seems like space is more than a thirty minute shuttle ride away.

I made muffins today. Basic muffin mix and then I dumped in about 2/3 of a cup of strawberry preserves. They were good, although I used foil and paper wrappers and the ones in the paper wrappers are hard to unwrap and keep whole. I made them to freeze, but I seriously doubt many of them will make it in there. I will need to hide them before my dad gets home or I can guarantee none of them will make it there.

Also, I have a cold. It is roughly a thousand percent better today (actual scientific figures), but I have been miserable for the past week. Well, maybe miserable is too strong of a word. But sleeping at night sucked, and breathing and talking were hard. It's double suck for me because I have bad sinuses. I really really want to get a sinus surgery, but I read a description of it the other day that involved the word “chiseling.” I'm not comfortable with that. They chisel (shudder) bone from the inside of your nose. Is this with an actual chisel? A tiny awl and a tiny hammer? Ugh, I have to stop thinking about it. Anyway, this cold has left my skin so dry that I have taken to carrying moisturizer and hand lotion around with me. (And by around, I mean around the house. That should probably tell you how lazy I am.) Right now I'm wearing slippers and a robe with a lotion in each pocket (and Chapstick), and my hair is in a bun. I feel about 87 years old. I bet I look it, too.

And, I think this is last, but I thought I would share one of my pet peeves with you. (You're welcome.) I cannot stand it when people use the phrase “there's nothing worse than X,” where X is something completely ridiculous and there are MILLIONS of things worse than it. Like if someone said, “Oh, there's nothing worse than cold toes.” Really? You can't think of anything? How about genocide? Torture? Pedophilia? Rape? And yes, I realize that most of these people (God, I hope by most I mean all) don't really think there's nothing worse than cold toes or whatever. But it just seems like such a definitive phrase. How can you say that and not think “Is that really the worst thing ever?” I also hate the counterpart, “There's nothing better than X.” Usually X is either sex, chocolate, or some combination of the two. That annoys me less because, for some reason, I'm a lot more willing to accept that one's opinion of what is better than something else is pretty subjective. I still think that of all the things in the world there's bound to be something better than sex or chocolate, but I probably won't roll my eyes dramatically if you say it in front of me. Probably.

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