Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Before and after

The boys' bedroom, 10 AM.

The boys' bedroom, 10:30 AM.

We've been trying to teach Mr. Man to just take out one bucket at a time and then put those away before he gets something else out. I don't think it's going well, possibly because he likes to dump the toys over his head.


  1. Whoa. Those pictures just scared motherhood right out of me. Maybe.

  2. WOW - a mere 30 minutes and look at that damage!

  3. Jes--I'm waiting for the point when they're old enough to do all the cleaning for me. YaYa just has to grow a few more inches and he can reach into the sink to get dishes for the dishwasher.

    Amelia--half the time I have to lock Mr. Man out of the room to clean because he will go right behind me and undo it. I think when he sees me pick up his toys he thinks I'm doing it so he can throw them around again.