Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Day After Valentine's Day

I thought about posting yesterday, but then I decided that that was really too much work for me--I mean, the topic was kind of pre-decided, but I would have to post pictures and that would require taking said pictures. I am just too lazy for that. I bit the bullet today for you, though.

We are very low-key about Valentine's Day around here. I'm not big on exchanging Valentines or whatnot, although I do like making cards, and when YaYa goes to school I will be all over building him an awesome Valentine mailbox.

B likes to say he got me a Valentine's Day gift of computer memory, but since I didn't ask for it and I don't care now that it's in, I'm going to liken that to Homer giving Marge a bowling ball. Don't worry, though, I did get a real gift. (I know, load off your mind, right?) First we went out to a Chinese buffet. This really is a sacrifice for B because while I LOVE Chinese and can eat it every day, more than once, he is not a fan. And this time when we went he ate actual Chinese food instead of the chicken nuggets and pizza they have there! He ate those, too, but still!

After that, we got my real present.

They're hiding under the bed, so that's the best I could do. Their names are Baxter and Beasley. (Unrelated, but up above I typed "there" instead of "their" first. I died a little inside.) We were going to go to a shelter, but B had a coworker who was moving and couldn't take them, so we took them. Now I kind of feel bad for the shelter cats we didn't adopt. They're still skittish here, and skittish around the kids (I would be, too), but getting better. It's funny, but B didn't want cats and now that we have him he's constantly trying to get them to come to him so he can cuddle them. Softy.

We are building them a cat tree, but it's taking a while. B works at a utility company so we went and got some of their empty cable spools.

It's a work in progress.

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