Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mmm, sugar

We have a lot of sprinkles. When we moved, my mom cleaned out her own spice cabinet and gave me everything in there, which included four or five of those round containers that hold multiply types of sprinkles. I am now the proud owner of two containers of Christmas sprinkles, autumn sprinkles, nonpareils, and two tubs of regular "jimmies." (I do not like that word. I've also heard it applied to pajamas and I like it even less there. But for clarity, I'll use it here.)

I blame my next lapse of judgment on being overwhelmed at the sheer quantity of sprinkles now residing in my house. I mean, don't sprinkles go bad? They're sugar, right? I have to use them. God forbid I throw them away. So one day, I got the brilliant idea to let YaYa have sprinkles on his toast. Now every day he asks for a peanut butter and honey sandwich with sprinkles. Usually Christmas sprinkles.

So when he asked today, do you think I told him no, he can't have sprinkles on his sandwich? Whose blog do you think you're reading? I not only said yes, I took pictures.

Showing off the sprinkles.

Sprinkling technique.

Why isn't there a picture of the final product? Because while we were making sprinkle sandwiches, Mr. Man stole an orange soda B had brought home and did this.


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