Monday, February 9, 2009

MOVING DAY (was yesterday)

I had kind of intended to post yesterday despite the whole moving thing. But I didn't, so you get it today.

Moving was actually stress free, more or less, other than the fact that I can't find part of the unit that stores the boys' toys, so I can't put it together, so there are toys everywhere. What's new, though? Oh, and the fact that we found out last night that we need a new electrical service--a new box and breakers, I think, that my dad is graciously coming over tonight to install. About $200, so not too bad, and a drop in the pond compared to what we've already spent. (Why does the phrase "throwing good money after bad" come to mind? And also the phrase "putting lipstick on a pig"? Why am I so pessimistic today?)

Here is what my kitchen looked like last night at 10 PM:

Here is what it looked like around noon today:

I wish someone would come and do the rest for me. I know all the dishes were clean when I packed them, but they're not now, so everything is having to be rewashed. That box with all the Tupperware in it, another box, and a garbage bag full of stuff have to be rewashed. Yay fun. At least now I have a dishwasher.

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