Monday, February 16, 2009


I decided to put up a closet organizer yesterday. I started after Mr. Man went down for his nap at 1:00. I finished around ten P.M.

I emptied the closet and took down the old shelf with the stupid square-headed screws that make me want to scream and throw a temper tantrum like a three-year-old. Here is our bed with all the closet stuff in it. I need to get rid of some clothes, I think.

Next, I screwed a bunch of clips on to poles. When I tried to put them in the closet, they were too tall, so I made B hack off part of the poles.

Since I have paneling (yay mobile home living) I cannot use the wall clips as included. I have to use molly bolts. I took a break to go to Wal-Mart and purchase molly bolts. After I got home, I sent B to hacksaw off the backs of 17 clips while I drilled holes for them. On the first hole, the drill bit got stuck in the wall. I hate that.

I swore a lot. Since I don't drink, I took a break for the next best thing.

(Thanks, Bakerella!)

I used pliers and removed the drill bit. When I tried to drill again, smoke came out of the drill. Oops. Obviously using the shelf up this high is not a good idea, so I have to rearrange things. I'll end up with a shelf and rod about a foot off the floor. That's where B's stuff is going.

I ended up cutting the backs off of all the wall clips. (No hacksaw needed, just the willingness to sacrifice a pair of scissors.) I ran out of molly bolts on the bottom row with three clips to go. I'm not sure how this happened—I bought a package of 16 bolts. There were supposed to be 17 clips. I was willing to deal with being one bolt short, but three? I just won't put anything on that shelf. Not that there's room with the clothes hanging above it anyway. Luckily I bought a package of wall anchors. The screws included with the wall anchors are far too big to actually fit into the anchors. (Seriously, Wal-Mart?) I found this out when I was trying to put a screw into the wall and the anchor disappeared into the wall from the pressure. So...those last three screws on the bottom shelf are just screws in paneling. It's really old '70s paneling, so it's thick. Maybe it'll hold. I'm sure I'll find out the hard way.

Here is the closet after:

I still need to unpack a bunch of boxes. I have no idea where to put that stuff. I'm somewhat tempted to just throw it away and see if I ever notice.

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