Sunday, March 22, 2009

My not-the-right-color curtains

I went to my mom's yesterday to dye my curtain fabric and it did not even come out close to what I had wanted, which was fuschia. The store didn't have fuschia dye, so I picked scarlet, rose pink and orange (which I definitely could have done without). The other problem was that I realized about halfway through that I didn't get nearly enough, so I was trying to be stingy but still get the right color. And I was dyeing in a five gallon bucket so I'm not totally sure nothing was streaky. But I'm not doing it again. Dyeing big pieces is a huge pain, if you were unaware.

Here are pictures. I apologize for the quality, but apparently this color is extremely hard to translate to film. I took about a dozen pictures and these were the best two.

To show you how far off the color is, here is the curtain fabric with a swatch of the fabric I wanted to match.

Yeah, not even close. However, I was just telling my mom that I wanted some coral in my kitchen, on the back area of shelves that I will put up at some point before this place falls in on itself. This is pretty much exactly the color I was imagining, but I didn't think I'd be able to do it because with the fuschia curtains the coral would be too much. So maybe this is actually fortuitous. (Also, it amuses me that I have a color scheme of aqua/kelly green/sapphire blue/bright yellow/supposed-to-be-fuschia and I thought coral was going to be too much.)

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  1. It looks JUST LIKE the swatch...what are you talking about??

    I have never messed with dye (for fabric that is) without there being rubber bands involved and tying a shirt into knots, if you follow my drift....

    You're a brave woman. Who needs to find a plan B ;)