Saturday, March 28, 2009

We are wicked creative

Yesterday after YaYa's kindergarten roundup (do people lose their minds and driving knowledge when they park at an elementary school?) I was feeling inspired to be all parenty and create something with my kids. I had been planning to build a Fun Box for a few days, so we went ahead and started that.

We started with a diaper wipe box, which isn't the best box because it doesn't have a removable lid, but we don't have any boxes with removable lids so it had to do.

Next I drew a square on the top so we could pull papers out and YaYa drew a flap on the side so we could put papers in.

Mr. Man joined us on the table.

I let YaYa pick out pictures from old magazines. Unfortunately, all I had lying around were Newsweek and Glamour. He definitely has some...unique taste.

Tada! The finished product.

OK, so it's nowhere near finished. We were having a hard time finding good pictures in the magazines and YaYa really just wanted to put the pieces of paper in it. We haven't done that yet, but here is our list of activities, most of them directly lifted from Artful Parent:

1. trace body and fill in body parts
2. do a puzzle together
3. play a board game
4. play hide and seek
5. play I Spy
6. go to the library
7. visit the pet store to look at the fish and animals
8. bake cookies
9. read a story
10. write a letter
11. make paper plate masks
12. make homemade soft pretzels
13. make butter from cream
14. make donuts
15. make salt dough beads or sculptures
16. make peanut butter dough
17. go to a museum
18. grow vegetables from grocery store seeds
19. make a treasure map
20. do an art project

I can't think of a nice wrap-up for this post, so...yeah. This is it. The end.

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