Sunday, April 26, 2009

Get ready to be bored

I was going to blog about the donuts we made, but they...well, they look nice but they don't taste so good. More on that later. So you get to read about our day yesterday.

9:30 AM. Wake up, realize our alarm clock YaYa has crawled into bed with us, therefore Mr. Man is still in bed. When I go in there, he's playing with his feet but starting to get annoyed about not getting his breakfast. Can't blame him there.

11:45 PM. We are getting ready to leave to go to the store when B decides he should bring our lawnmower, currently sitting on the deck, inside in case it rains. He has Mr. Man when he decides this, and instead of putting him in the car he just lets him loose. I didn't realize he was that stupid, so I didn't know Mr. Man was running free. When B says, "Where's Mr. Man?" my heart stops. He was playing in the front yard, with the leaves that are still there because it keeps raining every weekend so I can't get them to the compost pile. I am still thinking about killing B. But not in his sleep. That would be too kind.

11:45-1:30 PM. We run a bunch of boring errands--return library books, air up tire, go to bakery outlet store, go to Wal-Mart. I develop a splitting headache, backache and stomachache. When we get home I take what I think is twice the recommended dose of ibuprofen but what is really four times the recommended dose. Oops. But honestly, who would have thought that over the counter ibuprofen would only call for one pill? It was 200 mg anyway. I don't think one pill would have done anything.

At some point while I'm sleeping B comes in to ask about what to make the kids for dinner. I yell at him about The Lion King. Somehow I got the song I Just Can't Wait to be King in my head while I was sleeping. I was very insistent that The Lion King did make sense as the answer to "what should I make for dinner?"

4:30 PM. Get up. Make dinner. Well, tell B what to make for dinner. Blah blah blah.

6-8 PM. Make donuts with everybody. OK, I was going to blog about this. But they didn't really turn out. They were baked yeast donuts, because I don't want to fry anything on my stovetop. Cleaning it is bad enough as it is. Anyway, the donuts look nice, but they're very heavy and dense. Especially the day after, since they were refrigerated all night. Luckily my children will eat anything with sugar in it. Here's a picture of Mr. Man after he stole some of the raw dough.

Notice the flour on his chin. Anyway, I don't know what went wrong with the donuts. The recipe said to knead until a smooth elastic dough formed, about ten minutes. Mine formed after two minutes and I kneaded it for another minute. Oh, well. Next I'm going to try a recipe for baked cake donuts I found.

8-10:30 PM. Watch Changeling with B. I am very distracted by Angelina Jolie's house and wondering if her hair was actually cut that short or if that was a wig. It is a really good movie, though.

Midnight. Read this list on Listverse and freak myself out even though it's a fairly stupid list.

Some time after midnight. Went to sleep.

So there you have it. Are you enthralled? Notice I didn't do anything like housework or any of that crap. YaYa likes to vacuum, so he does it for me now. He'll vacuum twice a day if I let him.

I was going to go outside and pick up the stupid sticks that keep multiplying like rabbits, but it's raining now. And there's a thunderstorm advisory. So, you know, when my parents come over later to bring the patio set they found at a garage sale, I'm going to make B get up on a ladder and fix the shed roof.

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