Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Humpday

I hate that word. Humpday. Is that right? Is it Humpday? Or Hump-day? Hump Day? The word hump has lost all meaning for me now.

Last night YaYa spilled water in his bed. I told B to go take care of it, to get him new sheets and flip his mattress. When I went in to put Mr. Man down for his nap I saw that he had flipped the mattress with the fitted sheet still on it and put a fleece blanket over the bare mattress instead of a new sheet. I wish I knew where my camera was and that it had a charged battery, because I would post a picture of this foolishness for you.

I had other junk I was going to talk about. It escapes me now. I will tell you instead that we have no electricity in our bedroom or bathroom. We have had electrical problems with this place since day one, and last night we lost power to the back. My dad's coming over Saturday to fix it. I have no idea how we lost power, one of the outlets stopped working and then the power to the whole back half of the house was gone.

I feel very boring today. And lazy. I've been playing Hatchlings on Facebook and I sewed two seams on my mom's purse. They were the first two seams, and the purse was supposed to be her birthday present. Her birthday was January 26. I hope to finish it before June. The sad part is that I'm only half joking with that timeline.

One good thing, I found out last night that the CPSIA has an exception for fabric and I found a list of CPSIA-compliant suppliers. So if I ever do get around to making something to sell on etsy, I can do it legally. Yay.

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