Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've been procrastinating this post, too

Because you know taking pictures with the camera and putting them on the computer is so hard. That one cable I have to hook up, and then hitting "import"'s just too much.

Oh, and apparently my last post was my fiftieth post. I forgot. So I'll just celebrate this one. Woo-hoo fifty-first post! Here's to fifty-one more!

I am joining in the Project Procrastinators party over on The Inspired Room. I have been doing projects--I just got my list down under a hundred the other day. Most of the ninety-nine projects I have left are time consuming--repair and paint the ceilings, install trim, that sort of thing. Some, like replacing all the lightbulbs with CFLs, are just expensive. I have thirty bulbs to replace and even thought we buy the cheap $3 ones, that's still a little spendy. So I picked a project that I really want to get done and for which I have most of the supplies: hanging my living room curtains.

Here are the windows. Left:

There are actually three windows on this side, although you can only see one here.



They're all long--108" for each of the side windows and I think 142" for the bay window. So I'll be using pipe that my parents have at their house and will hopefully be bringing over this weekend. All I need to do is buy the hardware to hang them on the wall and, of course, finish the curtains. Here they are so far.

See all that pink fabric? That's them. Most of them have to have rod pockets sewn onto the back of them because they shrunk when I dyed them. It's really all the ironing that's holding me back. Our kitchen island with a towel on it is the ironing board, so it makes an already fun job like ironing curtains even more fun.

Let's hope that by May 14 (the deadline) I'm finished. I also hope that Melissa does a few more of these parties, because I could really use the kick in the butt accountability.


  1. Too funny! I have a wall of windows that I'm planning to make window treatments for... I've been planning on this for 9 months! Talk about procrastinating! The hardest part for me was finding a drapery rod long enough! I may have one now that I can rig up to work? Got MY fabric too. Just need to DO it! :)

  2. PS. I have to iron in my kitchen counter too. What a pain!

  3. I'm sure that ironing curtains that big would be a pain on an ironing board, too, but not having one makes a convenient excuse. :)

  4. Sadly, I could stock an entire store with all of my prostration projects-materials purchased with every intention of "completing this one"...but then, the Goodwill Store gets a score when I collect it all once a year and drop it off for resale. sigh