Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Seed plantin' time

I decided to start a garden this year. I've wanted one for a few years, but I have something of a brown thumb. I actually did do pretty well with some perennials a few years ago, but we moved from there.

So YaYa and I planted seedlings in egg cartons yesterday so we would have plants to transplant outside once it got warm enough.

First, our supplies. Two egg cartons or more, depending on what you have to plant, seeds (ours were mesclun, shasta daisies and, of course, apple seeds from a grocery store apple), tape or something to make labels, an old pan or something to hold your cartons, plastic wrap for the top of the carton, and (not pictured) potting soil and a spray bottle.

Spoon the egg carton cups about 3/4 full of soil. (We used Miracle Gro potting soil because it was what Wal-Mart had. I didn't really like it--too many sticks--but to each his own. You don't want dirt out of your yard, though.) Spritz with water.

Place the seeds on top of the dirt. This is a good time to label your egg cartons unless you want it to be a surprise after you plant them. Don't poke the seeds down into the soil. Just sprinkle a little more dirt on top of each cup.

Cover your tray with plastic wrap. Ideally you would have something to hold the plastic wrap up to make room for the seedlings. We will be using popsicle sticks but you could also use dowels, plastic knives, whatever. However, we don't have our popsicle sticks here right now so we just covered the tray with plastic. Clearance above the dirt isn't as important until your seedlings sprout.

Put the tray somewhere warm. Sunny is good, too, but at this point warmth is more important. We put ours on the top of our microwave. (Yay! Excuse to eat!) It's also near a window that I keep the blinds open on during the day.

Don't overwater or you will get long leggy plants. Just spritz the plants with the spraybottle when they get dry. We should see some seedlings in about a week and a half to two weeks.

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