Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seedlings update

Good news, everyone! I have somehow managed not to kill the seeds we planted! I don't have a black thumb, but a brown thumb. Things do not thrive under my care. Except once I had this enormous jade plant back before I had children. B and I lived in an apartment that got no direct sunlight, so we bought a grow light for it. Hoo-ee did that thing shoot up. It was beautiful, and the leaves were very fat. Then I took it to my mom's house for some reason and it died. I need to get a jade plant cutting from my grandma.

Anyway, that was tangential, wasn't it? Back to the seedlings. Once they were good and sprouted, we took the plastic off. They shot up two inches in one day, I swear. When we took the plastic off some of the tall ones (the mesclun) fell over. Most recovered. Some didn't. They don't appear to be dead, just...sleeping.

The ones on the left are mesclun, right are daisies. That is a lot more lettuce than we will ever eat, I can tell you that right now. In the foreground you can see the ones that...I don't know what they did. Fell over. Whatever. There's one plant that you can just barely see in the right lower corner of the picture. I'm fairly sure that's the apple seed we planted. I'm surprised that a seed from a grocery store apple sprouted. I wish I could remember what kind of apple it came from, because I bet that's not the kind of apple that grows.

Once we took the plastic off we went from spraying them to watering them. YaYa and I usually water them in the morning then put them in the sun next to the kitchen sink. I have no idea where I'm planting these outside because a) I think we have moles where I wanted to put the garden, and b) I have started wondering if it's really a good idea to plant stuff in soil that cats have been using as a litterbox. These will be getting thinned and transplanted to pots probably this weekend, I may just keep them in pots. Except the stupid cats can still get on my deck. I'll have to think about this.

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