Monday, April 6, 2009

This makes me a little sad, actually

After B got home Friday I went to Wal-Mart and just wasted time. No kids, no list (OK, not much of a list), just basically shopping to get out of the house. I was walking around and I kept thinking, "This is so luxurious."

I am sure this does not need to be said, but just in case: Wal-Mart is not luxurious. Wal-Mart is crowded and annoying. But for an hour, I wasn't Mommy and I wasn't a wife. (Well, I was, but you know what I mean.) I had no one else's pressing needs to attend to. I could waste time. I could look at books and fabric and paint and clothes without having to make sure to keep the cart far enough away from the racks that Mr. Man couldn't reach things and without having to chase B down in electronics. I didn't have to answer YaYa's neverending questions. I could hear myself think.

I bought seeds and lightbulbs.

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