Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why does pasta have to taste so good?

That title really has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I have eaten too much pasta today. It's really kind of misleading, too, because it is sauces that I love, not plain pasta. Although they are quite excellent together.

So things are boring around here and I have been doing craft projects but nothing awesome. I finished a library bag. I recovered a chair. I put welting into the chair cover, which turned out to be a waste of time because you can't see it and the cover is about an inch too big anyway. I'm sure you're all enthralled right now. YaYa and I painted a treasure map, complete with red X and treasure chest, and he sleeps with it now. I need to come up with a cute case for it; I'll probably wait until Hobby Lobby has a half-off wood sale and try and find something that's not been bashed beyond recognition.

Oh, and in fun news, Mr. Man tried to take a header out of the window today. Our window screens are apparently crap because a two year old is able to push them out with no trouble at all. Did I tell you about the time he threw the cat out the window? If I didn't I will now, and I will preface it by saying that we live in a mobile home so it was a two foot fall. The cat falls a longer distance when I make him get off the kitchen counter. Anyway, I looked over just in time to see Mr. Man flip the cat out the window. To this day I'm not sure that's what actually happened--did he throw the cat out the window, or was the cat trying to get away from him and jumped out the window? I felt like quite the idiot leaning out the window trying to get the cat to come over to me so I could haul him back in. He seemed more confused about how he had ended up outside than anything.

Today I was making dinner while B was putting out ant spikes to get rid of the ant invasion we've been fighting for a week. I guess Mr. Man wanted to go check it out, because I turned around and he was pushing the screen out of the window and very nearly at the taking-a-header point. I yelled at him, he paused for about a second and continued on with his business. Luckily it's not very far between the kitchen and the window, but he was all kinds of annoyed with me. To which I say too bad.

I am making my list of gifts I need to make for Christmas. I suppose I should get on that. The babies and the teenagers are causing the most trouble, which isn't that really true of everything?

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