Thursday, May 14, 2009

Am I cured yet?

Of procrastination, that is. I don't think so. If I were my to do list wouldn't be almost one hundred items long, but I did accomplish quite a few things.

So today is the day to post the after pictures for Melissa's Project Procrastinators Party over at The Inspired Room. I did finish my curtains. They are not hung because I still have no rods. Someday, hopefully before we move, I hope that this project will be completely done.

I took some in progress pictures to show how I did the rod pockets. I think I mentioned last time that I had cut them long enough but they shrank during the dyeing process or something. So they were no longer long enough to go to the floor if I sewed in a rod pocket. My solution was to cut strips of a cottonish fabric in my stash already and sew those on as rod pockets.

I finished the sides and bottom of the curtain first, then sewed the strip of fabric onto the right side of the curtain, turned it and ironed it with just a little bit of the curtain fabric turned over too. This is so hopefully you don't see any rod pocket fabric once they're hung.

I just eyeballed where I wanted to sew the seam for the rod pocket. Eventually I would like to line these curtains so I didn't worry about turning anything under.

I used the edge of the needle plate for my seam guide. If you wanted to sew something that extends further over onto your machine, or if you just want a more clearly marked seam guide, put a Post It note or a piece of masking or painter's tape where you want the edge of your fabric.

One thing I've learned that you should do when sewing curtains (and which I forgot to do this time) is to sew down your seams if they're going to be in the rod pocket. I wouldn't sew down the entire seam, just the top three or four inches. That way when you try to put your rod through the pocket it doesn't get caught in a seam.

I also painted some things in the boys' room. Their closet (not shown, because I painted it and then put a bunch of junk back in it, but it will eventually become a reading nook), their dresser, chalkboard, and lamp.

Dresser before.

(Please ignore the mess and the fact that two drawers are gone. I had already taken them out and primed them before I remembered to do before pictures.)

Dresser after.

The other handles are around here somewhere. Mr. Man kept stealing the handles and the screws to the handles; I have a feeling I may have to make some substitutions when I put the handles back on. I don't really like these handles. But when I went to Lowe's a) they didn't have anything I liked, and b) anything that was reasonably cute was at least $7. I cannot justify spending over $40 on dresser handles even if the dresser was free. Also, I was worried that this yellow was too much--it was practically blinding in the dining room where I painted it--but now that it's in their room I think it looks good.


Sorry, no before picture. Well, it's probably in some picture somewhere, but I don't feel like looking for it. It was pink, now with spraypaint and sealer it is red. YaYa was mad at me for not painting it green. Actually, he was mad at me for not painting his dresser, closet, walls, and chalkboard green. Anyone else sensing a theme? I'm thinking I'll replace that black shade--ninety-nine cents at Goodwill; I have two--with a white or cream drum shade.


I debated on painting this frame red or white. I eventually picked white because I have two shadowbox frames that I've painted white that I will be putting the boys' coming home outfits in. I need to find acid-free paper or something for the back and their coming home outfits first, though.

Oh, and here are my curtains now.

I sewed two sets of brown curtains for the boys' room that I haven't hung up yet; they are also in this stack, which is partially scrap fabric that I am using to make wonky log cabin quilt squares for quilts for the boys, and partially...other stuff.


  1. WoW! that's really great job, indeed! Having project with friends is really enjoying, right?

    Keep up the good work.

    Cheers for the job well done.

  2. I never would have thought of the rod pocket idea - brilliant!

  3. Rod pockets? That's a clever trick! I love the yellow bureau...just fabulous pop of color. You've been very busy the past two weeks...

  4. I sort of had to do the same thing to my chair upholstery project. I had to add add'l fabric to the top & bottom because of the pattern repeat to make enough to staple & fold over on the back side.

    In regards to handles for the dresser. Have you tried ebay? You can find some fabulous pulls for cheap. Also have you tried Target or Walmart?

    I'm finding that most of us didn't completely finish our procrastination projects. Life just tends to get in the way.

  5. busy girl...that yellow is so sunny and happy! rod pockets? genius.

    thanks for joining in!

  6. Great job! Love how the dresser turned out!

  7. Thanks, guys! Yep, this isn't the first time I've had to add fabric to a project. I just didn't expect them to shrink up because I'd prewashed them, but I guess the boiling dye water was just too much.

    I love the handles at Target but I haven't checked there yet. eBay is a good idea. The old handles are starting to grow on me, but I can't figure out if that's because I actually like them against the yellow or if I'm too lazy to replace them. I found the other three handles, but the only screw with them was a long decking screw. Not sure where that came from.

  8. Okay, you have been busy. You could paint the handles. I think black would look great.