Thursday, May 21, 2009

I should have posted this yesterday

We went to the genetics institute Tuesday. It was not at all what I expected.

There were three sessions with Mr. Man--one hour devoted to education, one hour for speech, and one hour with a psychologist. The education hour was just us talking to someone about what we should do with the school (ask for extended year schooling so he can get summer therapy). The speech therapist was the only one who actually got down and worked with him. She recommended that we take pictures of objects and use those to get him to show us his wants, in addition to giving him the word. The psychologist went over the gigantic questionnaire that I've filled out at least twice.

The ultimate consensus was that he was in fact autistic, and they said it was not PDD-NOS or Asperger's. They would like us to do a therapy class that deals with tantrums and hitting, which would then segue into a regular autism therapy class. However, I don't know if that can happen because it would be afternoons during the week and I would have no place to put YaYa. They also want us to do another hearing test at a different place to see if they can get some results, and do some genetic testing. I'm fine with both of those.

Oh, and the other news I had that I posted about Monday?

This is Hammond. He's about five months old. We got him from a shelter in Iowa--we saw him on Petfinder and decided to go get him. The kids adore him and vice versa. He follows YaYa around all the time, and Mr. Man is sneaking him popcorn as we speak.

I felt bad for some of the dogs there--there were two Saint Bernards and tons of labs that probably aren't going to be adopted. If only I had a farm and a trust fund to pay for food.

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