Saturday, May 30, 2009

I've still got it, although I think I'd rather not

Last night, dressed in my nicest outfit of a man's white V-neck T-shirt and cutoff paint-stained red sweatpants, I was hit on at Wal-Mart.

I was walking out to my car to unload my groceries. Garden hose, two cheese pizzas, pineapple and pencil erasers if you were wondering. There were two guys unloading their groceries a few cars down from mine. I had just finished loading my car when they started backing out, so I waited by my car with my cart while they backed up.

And backed up.

And backed up.

I was standing there thinking, Is this guy going to reverse all the way back behind these cars and turn around so he can drive out the wrong way? But no, he stopped next to me and rolled down his window. He said something that I didn't hear, so I said, "Hmm?"

He said, "Baby, you're sexy."

I laughed, shook my head, and crossed in front of their car to put my cart away.

He followed behind in his car. "No, I was going to tell you in Wal-Mart! You're sexy!" Which, it didn't hit me until I was telling L, but that's more than a bit creepy, yes? Was he following me around Wal-Mart waiting for the right time to tell me how hot I was, with my grody clothes, five-year-old ratty pink slip-on sandals, and sweaty hair up in a bun?

I kept laughing and put my cart away. He said something else that I didn't hear and drove away when I didn't respond except to laugh. I was still laughing when I got home and told B, who did not find it nearly as hilarious as I did. Then I called L at 10 PM to tell her all about it.

This is actually not the first time this has happened. It's the fourth. One time, the time before this, was with L. We were in her car and some guy started to follow us home. She lost him by tricking him into thinking we were turning. When he realized we weren't turning he actually started to follow us again, but we were too far ahead and there were several cars between us by that point.

To be honest, I would rather not have random guys come up and tell me how hot I am, especially in dark parking lots. Even if it means that I never have another funny story like this to tell again.

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