Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let me tell you about my week

Boring title, boring week. You've been warned.

So YaYa is once again spending the night elsewhere--this time he's at my sister's house. She and her husband recently bought a boat, so tomorrow she, her husband, her daughter and YaYa are going out onto the lake to fish. Tonight she took him to get a haircut because he was so shaggy. Plus YaYa has that kind of superthick hair that's uncomfortable in the summer, so he was probably relieved to get rid of it. They went to the Amazing Pizza Machine for dinner, and right now I'm waiting for a call from him to tell me good night. If it doesn't come within the next few minutes I'll probably just break down and call myself.

We installed our window air conditioner tonight. We have a central air unit, but it apparently doesn't work. We turned it on and it didn't work, so that was our first clue. I am not surprised, given the state of everything else around here. B wants to leave the window unit in year round because it was kind of a pain to put in--he had to build a bracket and hook it to the house, plus drag the air conditioner out of the horribly disorganized shed. I put foam insulation all around it so I'm not totally opposed to keeping it there, but we'll have to see how cold it gets over there when it's below freezing outside.

Yesterday YaYa and I planted some flowers outside. I need to clear a spot for his apple tree seedling and put it out there soon, too. I also cleared a ton of weeds out of the front flower bed, which made a teeny tiny little dent. I'm just thankful that the gigantic sticky weed I pulled out yesterday wasn't itch weed. I've decided that the outside won't be completely up to snuff until at least next year, so I'm not worrying too much about it. Eventually I'll have to put down grass seed or something. Plus there's this spot in our back yard that sinks when you step on it. And by spot I mean a large 6x6 plot. I have no idea what to do with it and I'm afraid to know what was or is under there. Right now we just don't walk on that part of the yard.

Anyway. I'm going to call my sister before I fall asleep on the couch. Happy Memorial Day weekend.

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