Friday, June 12, 2009

Can I quit yet?

When we got this place, we knew it needed some cosmetic work. It was roach-infested, stinky and dirty. Naive that we were, having lived in tons of places that looked a lot better after a good cleaning, we thought we could just get in there with some bleach and some elbow grease and make it all better.

In the end there's not one thing that hasn't been touched. We tore out the old kitchen.

We replaced probably 70% of the subfloors, which, as you can see, went under the walls, so that was extra super fun.

We cleaned up the yard, which looked like this when we bought the place.

Highlight of the renovation? Definitely when I fell through the rotten kitchen floor.

After all that, today the (new in January) water heater isn't working. Yesterday the house filled with smoke and a burning rubber smell. The two are probably connected, although at the time we thought it was the dryer. That and the kitchen floor, installed in February, is not holding up at all and will also have to be replaced.

There are a hundred more things to do--literally--and none of them will add any value. They should, but since this place is so old, and obviously a lemon, they won't. I think we got here too late. No one had maintained this place for years before we moved in; I think anything we do, the $6000 we've already spent included, is too little too late. The phrase "throwing good money after bad" comes to mind. We had planned to live here for five years while we saved money for a down payment on a house, but at this point I don't want to, and neither does B, which is fairly rare. He's usually pretty tolerant of stuff like this. However, that five year plan included more remodeling to make more storage space for us. Which brings us back to the money issue.


Can I quit yet?

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