Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's happened

Mr. Man escaped this morning. Rebecca has taught me it was inevitable, but I was hoping to have a few years of peace yet. I was still in bed, being lazy, and B was getting the kids ready to go to the zoo. Mr. Man apparently decided that since he had clothes on it was time to leave, so while B's back was turned he unlocked the door, went outside, went down the deck stairs and into the back yard. We can't have fences here, so he was really free to go anywhere from there. He went down into this ditch-type thing that's back there and was just playing in the grass. Luckily he didn't fall into the steeper part of the ditch or the creek. YaYa came and woke me up to tell me Mr. Man was gone, and B was running around like a chicken with his head cut off he was so frantic. Then he wouldn't let go of Mr. Man for several minutes after he found them. He still took them to the zoo, though. If it were me I would have hid in the house for the rest of everyone's life.

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