Saturday, June 20, 2009

Look who's back

It's Bailey! Bailey was B's first Valentine's Day present to me, back in 2003. She's part rat terrier, part springer spaniel. We ended up moving to an apartment where we couldn't have dogs (after looking for months for one that would allow them) so Bailey went to stay with B's mother. Then B's mother decided she didn't want Bailey, so she went to stay with my parents. When we moved in here in February we wanted to bring Bailey with us, but my dad--who had been adamant that he didn't want her at their house--had fallen in love with her and said we couldn't have her. We argued about it a few times, but it was pointless. I also felt that it would be a little mean to Bailey to take her from a farm and bring her here, where she wouldn't be able to run all day and have other cats and dogs to play with.

So she stayed at my parents' house until it was discovered that she is a chicken killer. B's response: "She is a bird dog, after all." Which resulted in a lot of jokes about how she would retrieve a bird if you shot it but laugh at you if you missed.

She allegedly did away with three laying hens, so she had to go. Of course we weren't going to let her go to the pound or something, so we brought her home even though she apparently lost a fight with a skunk in the recent past.

Now, within five months, we have gone from a household of zero pets to a household of two cats and two dogs. We're only supposed to have two pets, but since we own this house and the cats don't go outside, I'm keeping them all. Don't tell anyone.

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