Friday, July 24, 2009


Normally I would split this up into two posts, but I won't because most of the time when I say I'm going to do that, I don't. So I'll cram everything into one post and be done with it.

First, today we built a popsicle stick house. I'm beginning to think that YaYa is a child after my own heart, namely that he is a lover of miniature houses. I would love to build a dollhouse like you would build a regular house--you know, frame it out, tiny bats of insulation in the walls, closets, so on and so forth. I think he would be right there with me on that.

So we started off with white glue and a much-abused box of popsicle sticks. I think I've had these since before YaYa was born and look how many are left. That's years of crafts right there. After trying to put a few pieces together with white glue I got out the hot glue gun.

We built a little frame and started out adding individual sticks for the walls.

But that got old fast, so YaYa built a wall and we slapped that on.

Ta-da! Note the ribbon-hinged door. Actually, we did finish the roof but I did not, for some reason, take a picture. Oops.

YaYa loves this thing. He's probably not going to be happy when it inevitably breaks before Monday.

Next up: tonight I was sitting at the computer, wasting time (because I don't have a dozen sewing projects waiting for me or anything) when I heard some unusual sounds coming from the boys' room. B had taken YaYa to the store with him, so I knew Mr. Man was behind whatever it was. I went into their room and saw this.

Look at how happy he is to have destroyed his crib. I have no idea how he did it, either. Shaking it until the screws came loose is my best guess. I've had to fix it about three times in the last month, so I'm not sure how much more it can stand.

He was not so happy when I left, though. YaYa is in there now, so I hope if he does it again I will get some sort of warning. Other than waking up and finding the house destroyed, that is.

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