Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthdays coming out of my ears

September is quite the busy month for me, birthday-wise. Mr. Man is first, turning 3 on September 10, then me turning 27 on the 14th, then my nephew D, turning 16, I believe, on the 15th, then Yaya brings up the rear on the 17th, turning the ripe old age of 5. Is it weird that until a week ago I had forgotten that my birthday was in there too? Also, every year I forget what age I'm turning. My grandpa never could remember how old he was, either. I'm growing up to be just like him.

So gift-wise, DV (my nephew) is getting a card with something of the money or gift card persuasion in it. I have to call my sister to find out where he wants a gift card to, or if he wants one at all. Is there anyone more difficult to buy for than a 16-year-old boy? I'm getting to go out to eat and maybe to a movie. And for the boys...well, at first I wasn't sure what I wanted to get them. Clothes? No, I've received calls from two out of three sisters telling me they're stocking up on clothes for me, and I wouldn't be surprised if the third one was, too. (Deetz bought Yaya boxer shorts, which we both think is hysterical.) Toys? I can't walk across a room without falling over the ones we have already. Mr. Man has no opinion. He will play with a cardboard box. He loves cardboard boxes, actually. When I asked Yaya, he says he wants a toy stove. I've wanted to get them a play kitchen for a long time, so I'm OK with this. Actually, I'm pretty excited about it. I love pretend play kitchen stuff, much much more than I love my real kitchen stuff. However, I worried that it would take too long to build one and waffled back and forth between doing one for their birthday or for Christmas. So what did I decide to do? I decided to redo their room and build them a play kitchen. I'm not good at knowing my limits.

So here is what I have to do before the 17th, if not sooner:

1. Finish two quilts, one twin-sized and one toddler bed-sized. I already have the top to the toddler bed one and a few of the blocks for the twin-sized quilt done.

2. Finish their bed tents.

3. Make them Roman shades using this tutorial.

4. Paint the walls. Their current wall color is blue, and ever since we moved in Yaya has been lobbying to have it--well, the walls and every single piece of furniture and accessory, but that's not going to happen--changed to green. Green is Yaya's favorite color because, and I quote, "it's the color of trees and grass and slime." Seems reasonable to me. I thought I would have to go with a kelly green, but I showed him a picture of a room with sagey-green walls and he liked it.

5. Make valances. This is probably the only thing I'll have to buy fabric for--either this or the Roman shades; one will be chocolate brown and one will be some undetermined pattern.

6. Put up a (locking) closet door.

7. Put up two rods in the closet.

8. Transfer the clothes from the dresser to the closet; move the dresser out.

9. Hang their chalkboard and maybe some as-yet-to-be-determined pictures.

10. Last but not least, build a play kitchen set. I like how I make it sound so simple. Since I'm taking the dresser out, Mr. Man's bed can go over by the door, which means I have a nearly seven foot long stretch of wall to build on. So I'm thinking I'd like to go all out: refrigerator, stove, sink, dishwasher, and counterspace. I might even get really crazy and do shelving above, with a fake window and a microwave.

I will be making them some felt food, but I seriously doubt it will be done by their birthday so I'm not including it on the list. I'll also need to find some small pots, pans, dishes, etc, but that's a minor thing so I'm not including it. (Famous last words, right?) Optionally included would be painting the ceiling and finishing the ceiling trim. But I know they don't care about that, so I'm not going to worry about it right this minute.

This afternoon we'll go look at paint chips, and this weekend I'll be hitting the salvage yard and the Habitat ReStore for pieces for the kitchen. Wish me luck.

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