Friday, September 18, 2009

In pursuit of gratitude

Today I added up how much money we've spent making the mobile home habitable. It was a shock to see the number in black and white, and even more of a shock when I did some research and found that we're probably $2500 upside down, with at least $500 (and more like $1000-$2000) worth of work that still needs to be done. This may not sound like a lot, is a trailer. A high price for a used trailer is $20,000. Add a zero to all my numbers above and it's roughly on par with a real house.

As you can imagine this is not exactly welcome news, nor is it something we can do much about. We'd love to move to a house but we just don't have enough of a down payment right now. Barring a miracle, we'll probably be here for another three years. So since worrying about it and letting it get me down isn't going to do anything useful, I'm trying to be grateful for what we have instead of focusing on where we're falling short.

1. We own this place, warts and all, outright. If we so chose we could move it to our own piece of land. (I would actually love to do this and build our own farmhouse. B insists that we are not country people.)
2. It's a roof over our heads. And it doesn't even leak.
3. The utilities are by no means cheap or efficient, but we can pay them.
4. I can do whatever I want to the inside without worrying whether the landlord will approve.
5. This place is in a good neighborhood and a really good part of town. Living here has enabled us to send our kids to good schools. In some of the shadier areas of town the elementary schools are gang hangouts after dark. I never have to wake up and wonder if there's been a shooting at school overnight.
6. Since this place is so close to everything, including B's work, we've saved money on gas and insurance.
7. We've learned a lot from remodeling and living here. When we do move on we'll be that much better prepared for it.

I hope I can keep these thoughts in the front of my mind as I'm ripping out the already-ruined kitchen floor that I installed in February, trying to figure out what to do with bare-bulb light fixtures that can't be covered and doing my best to repair the sagging ceilings.

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Seems like being safe with your family in a place of your own is pretty darn good. My brother in law an inlaws live in tailors for a while to save money. I confess: I thought it was pretty cool.