Monday, November 30, 2009

I already watched A Garfield Christmas

I came across this list of 101 classic Christmas videos (links to the individual videos included) a few days ago and thought I'd share it here. My favorite, if you hadn't guessed by the title, is A Garfield Christmas. When B and I first met I told him it was my favorite Christmas movie and he hunted a copy down for me. It was a lot harder for him then--no online copies available then.

We had a great Thanksgiving, driving down to B's home state to see his family and then going to my parents' house two days later for another family dinner. Mmmm, Thanksgiving food. Too bad the leftovers are gone already. The tree is up and decorated, although Mr. Man keeps stealing the ornaments ("ball!"), and the Christmas shopping is almost done. Now I just have to find some lights to hang outside.

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  1. Stopping by from Hooked on Houses. :) We have the Garfield trifecta- Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I loved Garfield's Christmas growing up, but I liked Charlie Brown more. :)