Friday, December 4, 2009

Things are happening

Good things, even! That's a refreshing change.

After three and a half years at the cable company, B is starting a new job at an insurance company on December 14. His last day at the cable company was December 2, so I have nearly two weeks to get as many house projects done as I can. So far we've done the little stuff--fixed the hole in the floor (that we covered up with the square of wood that was meant to patch it and the big bag of dog food), put up the GCFI outlet cover in the bathroom (always good to have an uncovered outlet right above the sink) and cleaned. You can't tell, but I swear we cleaned.

Tonight Yaya and I started priming two of the kitchen chairs. One of the other two will hopefully be replaced with a much nicer wooden chair, one where all the pieces are present and not wobbly, and I'm sanding down the other one so I can add a coat of gel stain and wax. The two chairs that we're painting will go from aqua to yellow.

Next time I will make sure to have him change his shirt before I hand him a paintbrush, because once he had it in his hand there was no dragging him away from the paint. I'll have plenty of opportunities to remember because each chair is going to need at least two coats each of paint and primer. Hopefully not in that order. I'm glad the floor is painted and any spills can just be gone over with the roller. Makes cleanup very easy.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by Holyoke Home, and for your EXCELLENT thoughts about our ceiling lights!

    Your kid looks SO happy in the picture.