Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally started

After months of planning and weeks of having boxes piled everywhere, we've finally started building the pantry, coat closet and peninsula. A coat closet and peninsula were here when we bought the place, but both were torn out. The coat closet went because I thought it crowded the front door, and the peninsula went because the entire kitchen was so disgusting it couldn't be saved. Now they're back--the new coat closet will probably crowd the front door just like the old one, but I've realized that we have too much junk that lives near the front door to just have the space open.

B did the big demo for me.

After the big pieces were gone.

My blurry helper.

Mr. Man helped by building things out of the scrap wood.

This is today, day three--one shelf put in, and filled with tools. Hopefully now I won't lose them so much. Eventually all this will be painted and there will be, you know, doors and sides and trim, but for now I just want to get everything put together.

You can just see the biggest piece of the house center at the bottom of the picture. Yes, months late and still not done, but it's now here, so progress is being made. I primed the stove and the refrigerator tonight. I need to decide before the spring if I want the stove and fridge to be white, brushed nickel, or red on the outside. Thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. I hate living in demo. HATE IT.


    Having that storage will be awesome.

    Hang in there girl.

    (and good luck with your teeth! Mine were impacted but I had them all pulled out when I was 16, and after hearing so many horror stories I'm glad I did...)