Thursday, January 7, 2010

The fun part

I got to experience one of the fun parts of having kids tonight: cleaning up the messes they make. Tonight I decided to clean out the floor register that Mr. Man insists on shoving things into all the time. A good time was had by all, let me tell you.

Do you like my painted subfloor? It's waiting both for me to make a decision on new flooring after tearing up two floors last year and for the money to implement whatever that decision may be. And the vent has no bottom part because the subfloor is actually cut about 1/8" too small for it to fit. I need to remember to put that on my ever-growing list of things that need fixing around here.

Within the first ten seconds I had pulled out all this junk. I ultimately came away with eleven pencils, fifty-six cents in change, a foam brush, a plastic putty knife, a library card and expired insurance card, a bunch of random hardware, a battery cover, a camera battery that was disturbingly swollen, and all kinds of snack food.

This is what it looked like down there. It's gross. You've been warned.

I had to remove all the duct tape and reapply it. My hands are only slightly the worse for wear. Sadly, or disgustingly, I couldn't get all the food out. The vacuum cleaner couldn't handle sucking it all up. (Note to self: get a new vacuum cleaner.)

Of course Mr. Man was observing the whole time.

I need to figure out a way to keep him from doing this again. I'm thinking pantyhose or netting glued to the bottom of the vent. He'll eventually tear it, of course, but I can only hope it delays him for a while.

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