Friday, January 29, 2010

I was hoping to avoid this

I have a wisdom tooth coming in. I was kind of hoping they'd just stay up in my jaw forever and not bother me. I read somewhere that if they don't come in by the time you're 28 or 29 they're probably not going to come in and hey, I'm 27, so that's pretty close, right? But no.

When I had braces at age 16, my wisdom teeth were all impacted. The orthodontist recommended we take them out then, but of course I did not want to, and for some reason my mom went along with that. I called her this morning and told her she should have made me go along with it. Ah, the wisdom of hindsight.

My appointment is tomorrow, and I'm expecting that I'm going to be told that at least this one has to come out, and hey, if I have to be anesthetized to take one out I might as well get them all taken out at the same time. And here I thought we might actually be able to save money this year.

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