Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm calling it two thousand ten

Just in case you were wondering. I intend to keep going with this theme for a while, although I'll be referring to 2020 as "twenty twenty."

Anyway. Today is the first day the kids went back to school and I could not be happier. I even got to paint today. It was priming ceiling beams, so it wasn't, you know, fun or anything, but still. It got done. School has been canceled for tomorrow so I doubt much will get done then. It was nice while it lasted, and I can only keep telling myself that someday winter will be over. (At which point I will melt into the couch from the heat, but that's hard to remember when there's a couple feet of snow on the ground.)

Right now I'm choosing paint colors for the ceilings and our bedroom. Our bedroom got painted a horrible shade of blue back when we first moved in here. I should have gone darker, and I don't think the paint color was mixed right in the first place. A reminder:

The truest color is at the far right. For reference I wanted a dark slatey-blue. I've decided on a gray-green color, but I can't decide which one. Light? Medium? More gray? More green? And the all important question, what if I pick a color and it ends up looking like baby poop?

As for the ceilings, I've decided to paint them dove gray. I read somewhere that dove gray makes ceilings appear higher, and with my seven and a half foot ceilings I can use all of that I can get. I'm running into the same problem with this color though--too blue? Too green? Too gray? Not gray enough? With the way I'm agonizing over this you'd think I was actually worrying about something of a lot more consequence than paint color.

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