Friday, February 19, 2010

Floor patch: done

Besides some minor sanding, I am done with the horrible task of chipping up old floor patch so that it may be replaced with new floor patch. I couldn't find a putty knife so I did it with my hands, which I think worked better than doing it with the trowel. And it was squishy.

The dining room table had to be moved to the living room to clear the floor for prep, so now the limited living room space is pretty much nonexistent. Also, I made the mistake of taking the table top off of the pedestal to move it. I leaned the table up against the loveseat, and voila! A new slide for Mr. Man! And a puncture hole in the brand new slipcover I sewed for one of the loveseat cushions! I think this may be a sign that I should just buy a slipcover for the stupid loveseat. When I say I sewed a slipcover for one cushion I mean just that--one cushion with a slipcover is on the loveseat. The other cushion is naked in the master bedroom. Just because I have the ability to sew the slipcover doesn't mean I need to, right? Hopefully I'm not too cheap to buy one.

This weekend my goal is to get the new laminate laid. I'm sure it'll be fun.

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  1. FUN? Um, no. And your whole body will hurt. But I bet it'll look fabulous.