Saturday, March 13, 2010

Done. Finally.

The floor--the stupid stupid floor that is already water damaged from stupid freezing rain and snow somehow getting under the threshold and under the floor--is done. Pretend like you can't see all the junk everywhere and the questionable construction on the peninsula (that will be fixed at some yet-to-be-determined later date in some yet-to-be-determined way).

The kitchen. Hammy is trying to decide if he can steal a muffin off the stove. Answer: no, he cannot.

The dining room from the kitchen. I even fixed the vent which involved a drill, hammer and flat blade screwdriver, at least two of which were used improperly. Also, laser dogs!

There are no transition strips yet--I got what I thought would be enough for both doorways but wasn't, so now I have to go buy more, and the wooden one I bought for between the dining room and living room is driving me up the wall. I'm punishing it by putting it in the corner so I can play Country Life on Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. Laser dogs - HA!

    The floor looks great! Brendan STILL doesn't have transitions into the laminate that we installed in his room over a year ago. So there. Maybe this weekend. Or next year.