Friday, April 2, 2010

My to do list

Whether we move or not this stuff has to get done because not having it done is getting on my nerves. Some things more than others.

1. Finish sewing the curtains in the living room—should be done today, there's only one left.

2. Hang the last curtain. I need to get two rod extenders so this won't be done today.

3. Power wash any flat exterior surface.

4. Put fancy-shmancy sticker numbers on the house. I'll probably do this next week when it's a little warmer.

5. Put up the last two knobs in the kitchen and fix the drawer pulls so the screws are the right length. This should be done today (I did the drawer pulls between the time I started writing this post and now, but Lowes had the knobs in the wrong bin so those have to be exchanged. Holes are drilled so it should be pretty quick and painless. Should be.)

6. Finish the peninsula. Basically down to the decorative trim and the top, plus paint.

7. Finish the pantry—just need to build doors, paint them and put them up.

8. Put up the backsplash. Normally I wouldn't bother but my dad cut a hole over the sink for the garbage disposal switch and then decided it should be further over. It's not really easy to patch paneling without just taking it out and putting new in, so I figure the best thing would be to cover it with something. I just don't know what.

9. Put up the new ceiling fan in the dining room. Actually, make that “figure out why the new ceiling fan I just put up in the dining room doesn't work.” Probably something to do with wiring—the wiring here is old, and it's copper, but it's about as thick as a wire coathanger. It's a pain to work with.

Things I might do if I feel like it (which I won't):

1. Put paneling around the water heater closet door frame in the bathroom. Reasons why I won't feel like doing this? (Ooh, a list within a list.)
  • I'd have to buy and somehow transport home a 2x4 or perhaps even a 1x4 because the door right now is framed for a 29” door, which I don't think actually exists. And however thick the board is, it's 8' long and I drive a small Asian car, much to the chagrin of my large American butt.
  • I'd have to cut paneling, on sawhorses, with a jigsaw. Then put it up. Then paint it. I already painted the 2x4s because as much as I'm done with this place I still don't want to look at them. (I still have to look at them, except now they're white.)
2.Put up a door to the water heater closet. See the first reason above. Also, I don't want to spend the money. Let someone else spend money on this place for once, it doesn't seem like the previous owners ever did.

3. Get a new screen/storm door. Although this will, once again, bring up the issue of transportation, I might make more of an effort to do this one. It would have to come from the salvage yard because a new one is roughly 5% of the total house value, which is too rich for my blood especially since the house value is 50% of what we've put into it so far. Yes, I'm cheap.

4. Paint the outside of the house. I have the paint, I have a ladder, now I just need to scrub the house, probably do some priming, and get the painting done. I think this would really help with curb appeal but that doesn't mean it'll get done. Maybe next weekend.

5. Paint the pantry shelves. I might do some sanding, and if I really go crazy I'll paint, but since this requires removing everything and leaving it out for ravaging while the paint dries, and since there are doors, as far as I'm concerned this is a take it or leave it thing that can be left.

6. Dig the door for the coat closet out of the shed and put it up. The only reason I wouldn't do this is because B tells me it's way in the back—I did that because when I organized the shed I didn't plan on putting the coat closet back in. But we need to organize the shed again (what I get for making B take everything out there) so if I can get to it I might as well take it out and put it back up. I think the hinges are even still on it.

7. Paint the ceilings in the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom. I will probably do some cover up touch ups, but I doubt I'll paint the whole things. Of course once I start painting, I'll probably see just how disgusting it really is and be forced to paint the whole thing.

These are just the house-related things. There's still the house center to finish—it needs one door, a sink, paint, hardware and lots of felt food. I made the boys shades for their room, but Mr. Man broke one so I have to either fix it or come up with something else, and one of the chairs in the living room needs a new cover or something before (if) we put this place on the market. There's my mom's purse to finish, which I was supposed to give her for her birthday in 2009, so it's over a year late. My new diaper bag/purse to sew, which has been on the to-do list since my old one fell apart almost two years ago. Since summer is coming there are shorts and other clothes to sew for everyone, not to mention quilts, Halloween costumes, and all the other stuff that I've bought supplies for and never gotten around to doing. I see a long few weeks ahead of me.

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