Saturday, April 24, 2010

Updated updated to do list

I keep finding more things to do. I need to draw a line somewhere, but I don't know where. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, almost everything left to do is outside.


1. Finish the painting--I was wrong last time, it wasn't 200 linear feet, it was more like 400. I probably have 300 left to do, priming and painting. I would have more done, but it's been raining a lot here lately. I think it's supposed to rain a fair amount next week, too. Normally I love the rain but not when it's keeping me from getting the biggest project done.

2. Finish the deck. This includes scrubbing the deck, trimming the lattice Mom and I put up (it's somehow too tall at the top, despite our ability to correctly use a tape measure), trimming the smaller piece of lattice that needs literally 1/4" and 1/2" trimmed off at different intervals, repairing the rest of the lattice then painting the whole thing.

3. Paint the patio furniture. Again, a project that can't be done because it's too rainy and/or humid. I got two chairs kind of perked up with one entire can of white Rustoleum, but that still leaves two chairs and the table. I think the one remaining can isn't going to be enough.

4. Move some leaves to the compost pile. My future brother-in-law has a lawn care business and will do this for me for free. Woohoo!

5. Fix the skirting in a few places and hose it off everywhere.

6. Fix the shed roof. The tarp is looking a little worse for the wear, probably because it was never intended to act as a roof for a year.


1. Paint and put up the backsplash edging.

2. Maybe build something to cover up the space above the stove hood. Shouldn't be too hard--I have all the wood and paint to do it.

3. Make drum shades for the lights, which I hope to get done this afternoon if Mr. Man will actually take a nap for once.

Dining Room

NOTHING. There were four things that needed to be done when I originally wrote this entry, but they have miraculously all been completed since then. I guess this room is done. Excuse me while I do a little dance.

Boys' Room

1. Touch up paint. Again.

2. Maybe put knobs on the house center, but this is very very low on my priority list. I've come to terms with the fact that the house center probably won't be completely done until a year after it should have been.


NOTHING except cleaning. Another completed room! As complete as I'm going to make it, anyway.

Master bedroom

Again, NOTHING! Just the general day-to-day cleaning.

Looking at this list and editing off stuff that I've already finished is showing me that I actually am getting stuff done, even though it doesn't feel like it every day. Mr. Man has been in a mood lately, just in general, so getting things done during naptime hardly ever happens anymore because there's not really a naptime anymore. Well, he did fall asleep on me for an hour yesterday, but he woke up as soon as I tried to move. So that's no good.

The house is officially listed on Craigslist, a local garage sale Yahoo group and the community bulletin board here. I hope someone wants this place, and not just someone who lives in Africa and wants to give me a cashier's check that was mistakenly made out for more than the selling price; I can just go ahead and send the difference back by Western Union.

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