Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm afraid of jinxing it

Things are going really well as far as moving--the trailer is sold and we hope to have the contract signed within the next few days, we have found a house and have an accepted offer on it (even though it was more than we were hoping to spend). Next up comes the inspection and the FHA appraisal, and my fingers are crossed that both go well. As of now our closing is scheduled for the 29th of June (a Tuesday), although B wants to change it to the 25th because that's a Friday.

I am almost afraid to talk about this. We're so close to the end and I don't want anything messing it up. Publicly B is the pessimist and I'm the one who has to be reasonable and perky and upbeat. Privately (and by privately I mean inside my head because no relationship really needs two pessimists) I have my fears and my doubts. Mine are mostly geared toward the buyers being disappointed in the trailer. I have trained myself to only see the negative things, the undone things.

I have to admit, when I was going through pictures looking at the befores and afters a few weeks ago I was surprised. I had forgotten what we started out with, and what we have now is undeniably a million times better. I know that, but every time I look around and see that I don't have trim or transition strips in the kitchen and dining room, that the previous owners cut the bathroom paneling wrong and never bothered to fix it, that some of the crown is missing, that the bay window in the back and the windows in general are in rough shape despite my best efforts at cleaning and repair...I see things like that and I doubt myself. I think "how could anyone want this place?" My mom is very annoyed with me because I am finding it very difficult to stop fixing things, especially when fixing those things requires spending more money.

I still have plenty to keep me busy--the shed roof needs to be fixed and the exterior paint finished. I'd like to paint the pantry and peninsula shelves. I will touch up all the wall paint and the trim. Beyond that we'll see. I may need to be physically restrained from going to the salvage yard to buy trim.

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