Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm a big fan of disrupting the routine

First item: for the past few weeks we have had an interesting sleeping arrangement here, to say the least.

Mr. Man loves Yaya. A lot. Too much. So at night, when they were in their room together Mr. Man was stoked to play with his brother, and he showed it with lots of hitting and jumping on Yaya's bed, which meant that he occasionally jumped on Yaya. We've lived here for a little over a year so it's not like them sharing a room is a new thing, but it's definitely gotten worse lately.

At first our solution was to let Yaya lay on the loveseat in the living room until Mr. Man was asleep, which worked for a few nights. But then Yaya was falling asleep a long time--sometimes hours--before Mr. Man and we didn't want to move him. So we let him sleep on the loveseat all night, except that I, being the crazy overprotective parent that I am, didn't want him to sleep out there alone. So one of us would sleep on the couch and one of us would sleep in the bedroom.

After about a week of that I finally got the brilliant (and belated) idea to move Mr. Man's mattress to our room and have Yaya sleep in there. It seems to work although if B or I want to be in the bedroom before Yaya is asleep there's lots of extra messing around, but I don't think that's unreasonable. I guess we're going to keep it this way until we move and they each get their own room. Just have to sell this place first. And find a house to live in, of course.

Second item: a few months ago we bought B a car. A really crappy car, but a car. It seems that it came to us to die because it has had a steadily increasing coolant leak, white smoke when it starts up and a lot of engine noise. B hasn't driven it for most of this week--he doesn't want to because either whatever's wrong with it is terminal and it'll die halfway to work, or whatever's wrong with it is fixable and continuing to drive it will make it terminal. For now we're back to me dropping him off and picking him up from work, which I hate. I pick up Yaya at 3:45 which gets us home at 4, then we have to leave to pick B up at 5. The first thing Mr. Man does when we walk in is strip to his diaper, and he's not happy to put his clothes back on when we have to leave again an hour later. Plus the whole reason we bought the car was so that when we move back to Iowa I don't have to drive B to and from work forty minutes each way.

If the car isn't fixable it will be scrapped and we'll buy another car (not new, but newer than this one) at some point in the hopefully near future. Feel free to donate to the cause.

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