Thursday, May 20, 2010

So...this week sucked. Sucks. Still actively sucking.

It looks like Yaya is going to miss the last day of school. B took him and Monkey to see Iron Man 2 tonight and Yaya started throwing up during the movie. B, of course, did not leave after he first starting puking. Oh no, they stayed through the whole thing. Making good decisions in stressful situations is not B's strong point--he once called me out from the bedroom because Mr. Man had spilled something on the floor and he needed help cleaning it up because he didn't know what it was. I took a towel and wiped it up. It was a cup of water.

He eventually brought Yaya home and he's now sleeping on the couch. (Yaya, not B. I'm too tired to clarify the pronouns in that sentence.) I already had to wrestle him over the trash can to throw up while he was in a deep sleep, that was fun. Of course there was puke all over the slipcover, his pillow and him, so I stripped the slipcover, threw it and the pillow in the washer, wiped Yaya off with a wet towel (I'll give him a bath in the morning but I have a sneaking suspicion this won't be the last time I have to do this tonight), put a trash bag under a sheet on the couch and laid him back down.

While I was writing this the washing machine starting doing its off balance thudding, so I had to run and fix it. Easier said than done because Mr. Man is sleeping in the hall. The hall is his bedroom now--since he won't leave Yaya alone at night, and since he ends up sleeping in the hall most of the time anyway we decided that would just be his bed until we move. Not that he has a mattress--he has two comforters that he uses to make a nest. He hasn't slept in an actual bed since I liberated him from the crib. Did I have a point when I started writing this? I think I did. Oh yeah, just that it was a really big pain to pick my way through the baby gate/excessive blankets/sleeping child landmine that is the hallway to fix the washer. When I came back to the living room a skunk had sprayed somewhere outside so the windows had to be closed and judicious amounts of Oust Air Sanitizer used. Apparently I will tolerate the smell of puke but not skunk. Everyone has their standards, I suppose.

Two good things happened or are happening this week: Lou had her son, an eight pound baby boy, and the last day of school is tomorrow. I am ready.

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