Saturday, June 19, 2010

Insert Robert Stack voice here


Every time I think that word I hear it in Robert Stack's voice. Never Dennis Farina--sorry, Dennis. I think I watch too much Unsolved Mysteries--it's on Spike and I just realized YouTube has clips, too. I'm an Unsolved Mysteries glutton.

Anyway. I didn't come here to talk about Unsolved Mysteries, I wanted to post an update about the house. I was hoping for a nice smooth closing but when has that ever happened?

The repairs that we asked for have (presumably) been done, since the FHA inspection went fine--the house appraised at value and there were no repairs needed. The underwriter gave us the loan, on the condition we pay two charges on B's credit report. Fine. We will have far less money to spend on remodeling and copious amounts of paint, but I shall deal. Except of the two companies, one has no record of the debt but won't actually put that on paper. I haven't heard anything about the other company yet; I can only hope that they're being reasonable.

So now we have to involve whatever credit bureau gave the lender the credit report. They will ask the company to verify the debt, which they probably will because they're obviously shady like that. I don't know what happens then--it has been suggested that I record a conversation where they say they don't have the debt. They're very upfront about not having it over the phone, they just don't want to put anything in writing. I actually don't know what happens either way--the processor suggested that I track the debt down and pay whoever has it now but I said no. My position is if it's not on his credit report, it's not my problem. Maybe whoever has it now should have dotted their Is and crossed their Ts, then neither of us would be in this position.

I probably won't be posting pictures of the house until June 30 or July 1. I don't actually have pictures of the house yet--I first saw it at an open house, then B and I did a quick tour before making an offer and I just never took pictures. I didn't really want to take and post pictures of a house with someone else's stuff in it, so my current plan is to take pictures at the walk-through when it's empty. Hopefully that will still happen on the 29th. If not, I don't know what we'll do. The latest we can stay here is July 4th, and who wants to move on a holiday weekend?

On a more positive note, we have received more than 50% of the sale price for the trailer and the buyers told me I didn't have to do anything else around here because they'd probably put their own touches on it. So, twenty-one months later, we are officially done remodeling. Yay for reaching the light at the end of the tunnel!

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