Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just call me Debbie Downer

I feel like I never post anything fun or positive here anymore, just a lot of complaining. I don't mean it to be that way but somehow that's how it works out. Here, let me throw out something positive first: Mr. Man talks all the time now. He is almost to the point where you can have conversations with him. (You can sometimes, but not generally on a regular basis--just when he feels like it. He's like a little teenager.) He will throw stuff in the trash and he really enjoys helping you out by taking off his diaper and throwing that away. Usually it's wet--he never does it when he's dirty, thank God--but sometimes I think he's hoping to get a bath. That kid would sit in the bathtub all day if we'd let him. Although school is out he's doing a month of summer school, albeit with a different teacher than he had during the year. I think I care about that more than he does. (Side note--she is TINY. I feel like a big ungainly Amazon most of the time with my 5'10 blonde big-boned German self, but I think she may have been almost a foot shorter than me and that made it worse than usual. And her hands were itty bitty. Now I can only think of my hands as paws or mitts.)

Yaya is currently fanatic over Lego video games. Lego Batman on the computer, Lego Star Wars on the Wii. He has asked that his new room be Lego Batman-themed. We shall see. He reads to himself now, and will read at night long after he should be asleep. He needs a book light otherwise he's going to ruin his eyes. It's adorable to go in there in the morning and see how he's lined up his books all along the edge of the bed and slept with them.

On to the super fun bad news section of the blog. Our bank has failed. Yay!

I went to log on to check our balance and got a notice that as of June 4 our bank no longer exists and the way they did it (the FDIC took it over? And sold it?) they didn't have to tell the public before it happened. We did get a letter maybe six months ago saying the bank would be sold/merged with another smallish local bank but there was no sell date. I guess to us a merger is a lot different than a bank failing and having to be bailed out because neither of us are happy right now. B wants to change banks, of course, but I'm pretty sure we need to wait until after we close on the house, at which point I am right there with him. I will be doing obsessive Consumerist research until then.

I called the loan officer and our real estate agent, whom I will call Rose, to tell them what happened. The loan officer hasn't called me back yet (I did call at 8:30, so it's to be expected) but Rose doesn't think it will be a problem and if, God forbid, a check does bounce we have a pretty good explanation. I'm just hoping no checks bounce because of the switch. Things weren't exactly clear on the website. It's going to take all my willpower not to go pull wads of money out of the account Y2K style.

Also, the inspection was this week and things were basically fine. The only things wrong were piddly things, as my dad called them. There was actually quite a long list of minor things; of that list we are asking that they put a safety spring in the garage door spring (so if it breaks the spring doesn't fly off and take out someone's eye), fix the flue on the water heater that's going downhill when it should be going uphill, fix the garbage disposal that was wired with the bare wires taped to the prongs of an extension cord, fix the deck railing that has no balusters (can you say death trap for Mr. Man?) and get the gas turned on. The only reason for the last one is that the loan is FHA and they won't pass a house where they can't test all the utilities. The only one that really 100% needs to be done is getting the gas turned on, and that's the one I'm most nervous about. The house has a gas water heater and someone is living there. Why is the gas off? Did they just rush the gun with settling the estate? But the guy's always been living there so I'm still confused, although I guess his brother lives nearby so maybe he showers there. I'm imagining all kinds of issues with the utility company that will slow down a closing that is now three weeks away with tons left to do.

On the bright side we got the Good Faith Estimate today and although I'd never bet money on it it looks like we might be paying a teeny bit less in closing costs. Every little bit helps--whatever we don't spend on the closing goes toward getting B a new commuter car. Due to his obsession with Top Gear he thinks an old Mercedes, Volvo, BMW or Audi would be best. I think too much BBC America has fried his brain. No amount of logical arguments about the cost of labor and replacement parts for those cars has dissuaded him, although he knows that those cars are always overpriced here and will graciously accept something Japanese. Allegedly the British have their heads on straight about used luxury car values. Pfft. What they have on us in used car prices they more than lose in real estate costs, am I right or am I right? But then we do steal a lot of TV show ideas from them, so maybe it's a wash.


  1. With all that going on, no wonder you're feeling "down." Your bank failed? Yikes! That'd have me panicking. Hang in there, things will look up eventually. :)

  2. Two words that should never be used together: garbage disposal & extension cord.

    (CRAP- that's four words!)