Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The camera cable is still MIA, but B got a card reader so we can get the pictures that way. That's better anyway--things need to be tied down in this house or they disappear.

So here goes our "before" house tour. I have no idea when the "after" house tour will be; it's a long way off, that's for sure.

The front of the house. I plan to build a white pergola or something to emphasize the front door.

Check out my awesome photography. This is the living room. Those curtains are still hanging up. I wanted yellow pinch pleat curtains for the living room. That's technically what these are, although not at all the color I would have chosen. They'll get replaced eventually.

The entryway and rest of the living room. Architecturally interesting, yes? I love that globe light. This really isn't a great picture of it, but it's orange and textured and it is so staying there. It's awesome without being entirely dated. Or maybe it's just so old that the trend came back around. I don't know. The not-pictured ceiling fan, on the other hand, has got to go. Or at least the shade with the roses painted in autumnal shades has to get gone.

The kitchen. All these cabinets are being painted. Very, very slowly. The countertops and backsplash will be painted too, with either faux marble or faux granite and blackboard, in that order. I don't want to have to look at that lovely yellow Formica until I can afford something else. Which will probably also be Formica, just not so yellow.

Can you spot what's missing in this picture? No one--me, B, or our real estate agent (didn't I name her Rose?) noticed that the fridge was missing. In fact, I didn't notice the fridge was missing literally until I went to unpack the food and reached for the door handle to find there wasn't anything there. We ended up getting $100 back from the sellers and had to spend $500 to buy a new fridge. This one's probably a lot more energy efficient. It's about twenty years newer so one would hope so, anyway.

The dining area. Eventually--meaning as soon as Menards gets the tile in--all the carpet will be ripped up and a temporary floor of peel and stick tile will be put down. I don't know what will go in here permanently. Ceramic, probably. My mom just redid half of her main floor in ceramic tile so I figure she's got the process down pat and can teach me when the time comes.

The main bathroom. I like the slidey door thingy above the sink but hate the color of the doors. Spray paint may be involved in remedying that, I haven't decided yet. They're kind of translucent, which I like, but spray paint would put the kibosh on that right quick. I don't understand why in an aqua green and yellow bathroom they went with gray trim and bluish-gray linoleum.

The other half of the bedroom. I like this tile (except the weird flesh-toned tile and the multiple shades of green, which may or may not be fixable with the big box of tile in the basement) and plan to keep it. Unless I go to fix it and screw it up, in which case it's white subway tile all the way.

Wow, I really do suck at photography. A nice blurry shot of the master bedroom. By the way, this and all the pictures of the bedrooms are basically worthless. They're really not that small. I don't understand why I was only able to capture eight square feet of each room.

Yaya's room.

Mr. Man's room. Check out that corner. That was what sold us on this house.

In case you were wondering what the stairs to the basement look like. The room with the blue tile is the basement bathroom. That's about all there is to say about it.

The toy room, which is so ridiculously full of toys right now it's not even funny. I have to listen to Yaya argue with me every day about how toys belong on the floor in a toy room, not picked up and put away. Sigh.

My sewing room. Doesn't it look fabulous? Six or eight gallons of Drylok and paint and it'll be reasonably useable. A cookie to anyone who finds the giant wine bottle and wine glasses in the picture.

This is a different picture than the last one, I swear. This will be B's "man cave," and it's open to my sewing area. Hopefully I will be able to slowly take the wall space over with a massive fabric collection, already partially accumulated, and he won't notice until it's too late.

The laundry room shelves. The washer and dryer are in the other corner, although at this point that wasn't true. It was just a big empty space.

So there you have it. Home sweet home. Hopefully getting back into blogging gives me a kick in the hindquarters to get some projects done. Yaya's room is painted save for a few needed touch ups, but that's pretty much it. The living room and hallway are partially painted. The linoleum in the entryway is primed (I had my reasons). Part of the kitchen cabinets are painted. I am fighting to keep myself from ripping up the carpet on the stairs but I fear I'm losing the battle. I really am trying to restrain myself to one project at a time. It's just not working even a little bit.

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  1. YAAAAAAAYYYYY! I'm so happy for you - a new house. Looks like you'll have more room (right?). And new projects which will cost money and disturb your marital bliss, but still YAAAYYYY!!!