Friday, July 9, 2010

Interrupting the static

I'm still here! I know a lot of people were worried. We are moved, although not completely unpacked, and B is being just as bad--if not worse--as Mr. Man about having his routine interrupted. Actually he is worse because Mr. Man chilled out as soon as he had his toys and his bed in place and B just keeps on complaining. We bought $800 worth of computer crap to build a box to take the place of cable (saving $70+ a month) so maybe that will perk him up.

I have pictures of the house, I swear. They are of the empty house, but I did take them. I would love to put them up except I can't find the camera cord. It's probably in one of the boxes full of computer crap that is still living in the garage or has been thrown in the basement. Someday I'll find it, but not today. Today I'm baking cake and cookies. Cookies for the neighbors who helped us muscle our new fridge through the door and cake because I wanted strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. Mmm, sprinkles.

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