Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I hope this doesn't turn into a thing

For your reading pleasure, I bring you a whiny post interspersed with old completely irrelevant pictures.

It's back to school time again, and this year we're doing it in a new state and, of course, a new district. Things were more or less okay at school registration, although having fewer students in the district does not mean that things were easier or faster. In fact, I may have had a small panic attack at registration and left early when I got sent back to fill out the four hundredth piece of paper after visiting every table at registration at least three times. And I may be exaggerating about the four hundred thing, but I'm not about the table visits. My mother is probably still wondering what precipitated my hysterical phone call.

According to my computer Yaya is either eight days old or five months old in this picture.

I have been very up front through the whole process about Mr. Man's autism. There was much talk of IEPs and whether or not he could handle a full day of classes, etc. At this school every preschooler has to be evaluated, presumably for their preschool readiness. Mr. Man did not do a great job. He stacked the blocks and scribbled on a piece of paper (straight lines; she wanted a circle) before he was done with the whole thing and started running around, throwing things on the ground when they asked him to do something with them, crawling under tables, so on and so forth. I got worried when instead of drawing a circle for him she pulled out a picture of a circle. Also, in the stack of pictures was a horse. I'm still wondering if they would have gotten around to that one. A horse! He's four; I couldn't even draw a horse when I was four and I'm considered gifted. (Worthless designation, by the way.)

My grandpa, 1929, with his dog and a kitten.

Today I got his "acceptance" to preschool and the teacher he's with is not listed on their website in the special education section. I know the idea is to mainstream him into kindergarten, but I don't think he's ready for a mainstream class just yet. I have to call tomorrow and "accept" the placement and I'll ask then. I honestly don't expect that they'll change him. I'm not sure if I should be insistent that the placement be changed or not, but right now I'm leaning toward yes. I don't want to be a bitch, but if they won't change his placement I'm not going to tolerate a bunch of calls and conferences about his behavior when that behavior is totally normal for an autistic child who's not in the proper classroom environment.

Bailey in her natural environment: outside, covered with cats.

I haven't received anything about Yaya's school registration yet; hopefully that comes soon. The school supply drop off night is in less than a week. I'd rather skip it, but I'm sure he'll want to go and meet his teacher.

I'm also going to try and start posting more here, although there isn't much going on. I do believe the camera cord has been found, because even though B has a card reader on his computer, let's be honest: I'm too lazy to go to the basement and upload all the pictures to his computer, then transfer them to my computer over the home network that may or may not be working at any given time.

Here, to play you out, is a random picture of Mr. Man in my pink hat. He rocks the look, I think.

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