Thursday, August 26, 2010

To the parents at Mr. Man's preschool

Listen, I know the drop off system sucks. A hundred people and their kids have to wait in line outside until the teachers unlock the door whenever. Usually it's 9 AM, but sometimes later. Never earlier. (This will certainly be fun during winter.) We all have to go through a single door, and generally by the time you've dropped your kid off there are still people trying to get in so you have to squeeze past them and back out that single door. Yes, there's a set of double doors ten feet down the building opening onto a large lobby area, but they have elected to have three teachers guarding those doors instead of using them to let people in more efficiently. I can only assume that guarding is what those same three women are doing there every day. I stopped on the sidewalk outside that door the first day to tie Mr. Man's shoe and one of them came out and yelled at me. If it were up to me, people would come in the double door and leave through the single door. Easy peasy. Wise choices don't seem to be this school's forte, though, and I'm not in charge.

But here's the thing: once you get to the door you don't have to stay in line. If your kid doesn't go to the first classroom by the door, you can just move on by and go to whichever classroom your child does attend. Seriously. It's not the bank. It's not the grocery store. No one is going to yell at you for cutting. Your child won't get expelled because you tried to move things along.

Oh, and to the lady who told her young son who was jumping up and down, crying and grabbing his crotch that he'd have to wait to go to the bathroom until she dropped off her other son and put his stuff away: learn to prioritize.

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  1. Preschool dropping off sucks, no matter how it runs. Although with Hayden, we just waited IN the car in a line and the aides they had there (just for this purpose) went back and forth taking the kids from the car to another spot where they were then moved to class. It took forever, but I didn't have to get out. Or put on a bra.