Monday, September 13, 2010

Everybody clean up

I found the link to the Holiday Grand Plan at Organized Home on a message board. I've been needing to go through this place room by room and clean and organize, so this was quite the timely kick in the butt for me.

It's separated into sections: List Week/Front Porch, Question Week/Living Room, Entry/Foyer, Master Bedroom, Master Bath (which will be our main floor bath), Kids' Rooms, Guest Room (which will be the sewing room and B's room since we don't have a guest room), Kitchen, Pantry/Closets, Family Room (toy room), Garage/Storage, Attic/Storage (our under stair storage and laundry room), Dining Room (should be covered under kitchen so I might do some exterior or catch up projects), Holiday Decor, Finish Up, Maintenance, Celebrate and New Year's. I'm doing it on the cheap so basically what I can scrounge around here. I'm not ashamed to say that I will probably be making a few things out of cardboard unless we suddenly come into some money.

I am on week 2/week 3, living room and entry/foyer. There's not a whole lot to do in the entry/foyer and most of my living room week was eaten up with party projects, so I'm letting it bleed over. Today was the coat closet; later I'll wash one of the curtains. (Only one because I washed them when we moved in but some small child used the left one as a napkin.)

Anyway, the closet didn't take long but it was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. I've been wanting to hang hooks on the door for backpacks and stuff, but since they're hollow core doors I can't just screw into them willy-nilly. Or higgeldy-piggeldy. Whichever. Anyway, I did some internet research and found several places where people, allegedly professionals, recommended putting a board across the width of the door so it could be screwed into the wood frame at the edges and then you could screw your hooks into the board. I was skeptical about a board fitting onto the door and still allowing the door to close, but enough people were saying this was the way to do it that I figured I should give it a shot.

I had a 1x4 I'd bought when we lived at the trailer to do this very thing, so I pulled it out, cut it down and screwed it up. I even leveled it, and since I don't have three hands I held it in place with my foot. It was like Home Improvement Twister.

However, the door wouldn't close. These people neglected to mention or neglected to think of the door stop, that strip of wood that runs around three sides of the door frame. After some scowling and gathering of tools I came up with the easy solution: take the stop off. It was easy enough to deal with it on the hinge side--just take the piece off.

The other side, though, I didn't want to do that. Yes, the door has a latch which will theoretically prevent it from going into the closet where it doesn't belong, but in practice a lot of the doors in this house aren't square, new knobs were installed but not correctly, etc. In other words, I didn't want to risk it. Also, I don't trust anyone else to actually close a door gently rather than slamming it. So I marked that piece where the board needed a gap, took it off, and cut the excess out with the jigsaw. (That might be the best $50 I've ever spent. I've used it pretty much every day this past week.)

Popped it back into place using the same nails and voila, a door stop that will accomodate a 1x4. I had some hooks that I'd bought half off at Hobby Lobby for the hanger at the trailer, and I miraculously knew where they were. I think they were only a dollar or two a piece due to the half off sale.

I put them on and then I tested the door.


Ahem. Now on to the actual cleaning of the closet.

Note the carpeted shelf and random junk that doesn't belong here. I don't think you can see it, but there is a large stack of computer game CDs back there, as well as mini paint roller covers, a camera, a hardware box, and an infrared receiver that we absolutely had to have for the TV but don't actually use.

The bottom is mostly shoes, with a few puzzle pieces and toys thrown in for good measure.

Cleaning up was easy: take all the stuff out, take the carpet out, wipe off the shelf, reattach the multiple vacuum cleaner attachments that had ended up on the shelf or floor, put everything back.

When I find the rest of the board games (I think they're in Yaya's closet) they'll go up there with Connect 4. Or I might move Connect 4 to his room, who knows?

I was going to put a second board at the top of the closet for my purse or other stuff I didn't want the kids to reach, but after the trouble I had with the bottom one I didn't feel like messing with it. If I'd been thinking I would have cut the space for it when I had the left stop down, but I didn't. My brain doesn't really start functioning until 9 PM, so I think I'm lucky that things go as well as they do around here.

Now onto the living room. Again.

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