Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grossness ahead

Just a warning, there will be one gross picture in this post. No bodily fluids, no bloody injuries, but house grossness. My favorite kind.

We've had a few problems with the sink since we've moved in--I mentioned here that the garbage disposal was improperly wired and had to be fixed as a condition of sale. And it was, but when we finally figured out how to use it (safety cap needs to be in place, which allayed a lot of my fears of having that gaping hole in one side of the sink) the first thing that happened was a huge chunk of metal inside the disposal broke off and shut the works down. Oops. It was the original garbage disposal from 1968, and from what we know it was a widower living here who probably didn't use the disposal much, so I figure it wasn't totally unexpected.

From then we've had a major leak--I don't even want to know what the underside of the carpet in front of the sink looks like--and a fair amount of sink back up when we run the dishwasher. Old house stuff. But today...well, all I have to say is blech. Get ready, because here comes the gross picture.

This is after maybe three hours of water draining out of there. Both sides were full of nasty brackish crap. Now all I have left is this sediment. We're going to try and snake the train later this afternoon, and by we I mean my dad. I hope there is no dismantling of plumbing involved.

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