Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy fourth, Mr. Man

Today is Mr. Man's fourth birthday. I don't think he really knew, although he was pretty pleased that I let him have candy before he ate breakfast.

We didn't do much today--Mr. Man's birthday, my birthday and Yaya's birthday are all in a one-week time period, so we'll probably do one family birthday meal sometime. The boys' birthday party is tomorrow, so eventually I'll get some pictures posted from that. (I have probably half a dozen posts I need to make. We'll all just have to pretend they're in chronological order, okay?)

So Mr. Man spent his birthday watching Toy Story 2 as many times as he wanted and stealing the cookies I baked for their birthday party. Then he crashed on the couch at 5:30.

When he didn't wake up by 7:30 B just put him to bed, where he stayed except for a trip out for a clean diaper.

Happy fourth birthday, Mr. Man!

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