Monday, September 20, 2010


This is how Mr. Man likes to sleep.

Mattress leaned against the closet wall to make...I don't know what I'd call this. A fort? A tent? A miniature room? Note the nest of bedding at the bottom: fitted sheet, flat sheet, sleeping bag, throw, nonworking electric blanket and comforter. Oh, and a basket and a tiny pilot action figure for good measure. Sometimes there's a pillow in there. I believe there are two pillowcases in there right now; I tried to take them to throw them in the dirty laundry and he yelled at me. So I left them.

As soon as I get Yaya's new bed stripped and refinished Mr. Man will get the old plain twin frame. I'm going to make a tent for it and hopefully that will encourage him to actually sleep in his bed instead of dismantling it and building walls with it. It could happen, right?


  1. Did you ever see that Full House episode where Stephanie moves into the bathtub? At least your electric blanket has stayed on dry ground.

  2. I did! Although my favorite episode of Full House is the one where Stephanie is on the dance team and totally screws up the dance to Motown Philly.

    I bet he would sleep in the bathtub if I'd let him. Although he'd want it full of water, which would present...issues.

  3. Looks comfy to me. Who cares where they're sleeping as long as they're asleep, I say.